The Zen Of Singing   (Book & CD)
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 This easy to use guide to singing is filled with information and tips on how to improve your voice and your performance skills,no matter what your current level of ability. Whether you have a natural gift for music or struggle to sing in tune, the simple explanations, exercises and visualizations in this book will lead you on the journey to discovering your own, true voice.

Learn About:
Breathing ~ Placement ~ Range ~ Practice Tips ~ Performance Skills ~ Delivering a Lyric ~ Singing When Sick ~ Singers as Musicians ~
Creativity &  Improvisation 

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 After a lifetime of performing, recording, and teaching, jazz vocalist Karen Gallinger now adds "Author" to her list of accomplishments as she shares some of what she has learned over the years in her new book The Zen of Singing.

Drawn from decades of experience as both a performer and a teacher, the book is filled with practical information and tips on how to improve your voice and performance skills no matter what your current level of ability. The book addresses beginning to intermediate singers and covers basic vocal technique, performance skills and some of the psychological/emotional aspects of being a singer. Simple explanations, exercises and visualizations lead the reader on a journey to discovering their own, true voice. The book includes a CD.

Gallinger's recordings include a vocal tribute to the very challenging music of piano great Bill Evans,  (Remembering Bill Evans: A Vocal Tribute), for which she composed lyrics to 4 of his songs, a blues flavored recent work (Kinda Blues) and two CD's of jazz standards (Live at the Jazz Bakery and My Foolish Heart). She is also a producer, lyricist and teacher, having produced and hosted a live music/talk series called Sessions at the Grand Central, as well as the live shows Movie MadnessBroadway to Brazil and A Tribute to Alan & Marilyn Bergman. She has taught privately for many years she is currently on staff at the Orange County High School of the Arts, one of the country's premiere arts schools.

"Not everyone is meant to be a pro, but everybody should be able to enjoy singing for fun. There is a lot of fear based on  judgments about what is good or marketable, but that end of the performance business aside, singing is a blast, and I want people enjoy it!" says Gallinger, "Talent will make the difference between a good singer and a passable singer, but much of singing is skill. With practice almost everyone can improve their skill level and learn to have a good time with it."

Currently available through Jamey Aebersold Jazz  ( and directly from the author online here. Also available at various retail outlets including Amazon/Borders and Barnes & Noble.
Published by ExecuProv Press ISBN 0-9765970-0-4   



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