These are excerpts, full text available upon request.

“Karen is one of the most gifted vocal jazz instructors I have ever encountered. She knows how to extract excellence from the most improbable sources, and has an innate proclivity for eliciting immediate results via totemic skill and infectious charisma. Moreover, her skills are of the versatile kind, in that she excels in both “start from scratch” and vaunted professional ensemble instruction, as evidenced by her numerous professional achievements.

In short, I give Karen Gallinger my unqualified support and highest recommendation. She would make a wonderful colleague at any institution, and is in my estimation, a true teacher/artist. Please contact me if you would wish to discuss Ms. Gallinger's qualifications further.”

Tom Smith 
Senior Fulbright Professor of Jazz Studies 
(Currently in NingBo China on a Fulbright Grant)

Karen is a tremendously talented jazz singer with a wealth of experience and the ability to inspire students and audiences in unusual places. .. I had the opportunity to work with her at the second annual National Jazz workshop in Romania in 2006.  The brilliantly conceived and highly successful week long camp was held in a remote village some 100 km from Timisoara.  I witnessed Karen inspire a group of some 15 budding singers who literally hung on her every word.  The final concert was a complete triumph that witnessed the birth of some exciting new talent in that country.  

Finally it should be noted that her association with piano legend Bill Evans is of great historic importance.  Karen composed the officially approved lyrics to some of Evan’s most important tunes.  This type of creative acceptance only enhances the validity and breadth of her creativity.

Karen Gallinger has my highest respect and I recommend her without reservation. 

Richard W. Condit,
Fulbright Senior Scholar , Conn-Selmer Artist/Clinician
Director of Jazz Studies ( Retired) , McNeese State University , Louisiana 

“…Ms. Gallinger is not only a fine jazz singer but one of the foremost authorities on the music of jazz legend Bill Evans. Her close association with Nanette Evans, Bill’s widow, has provided her with extraordinary access to his life and music which she has developed into an evening length touring show… I asked her to modify this show to a shorter more accessible presentation aimed at students … she has developed a fine educational show on Bill Evans life and music.… I can highly recommend this presentation for any school….”

Dr. Richard Birkemeier 
Director, California Institute for the Preservation of Jazz
California State University , Long Beach, CA
“… Her work is superb and the students rave about her instruction… she is a highly qualified professional, conducting classes in drama, improvisational comedy and music. I recommend her highly for any teaching needs within her broad area of the arts.”

Cherie Kerr 
Artistic Director - DePietro Performance Center 
Orange County Crazies
Santa Ana, CA

“ “… There are very few teachers I can call upon to teach a wide variety of subjects… Karen has proved to be a very valuable asset to our school, and to our reputation as a premiere arts conservatory in the orange County area…. Her reputation as a jazz artist gives our students a unique insight into the professional arena…”

Jeff Paul 
Director of Music and Theatre 
Orange County School of the Arts 
Santa Ana, CA 92701


  • 5/5 stars November 3, 2014 -  Karen helped me bridge the technical and emotional aspects of my vocal performance. She guided my discovery and growth as a musician by challenging and supporting me. She has the chops and the experience to coach a wide range of styles/levels. To top it off, Karen has a great sense of humor! She has enriched my life professionally and personally... Megan M.
  • 5/5 stars October 31, 2014 - Karen Gallinger is a top professional vocalist who has experienced everything you want to know about singing. If you want to put a spark in your singing Karen gives you individual assistance in a workshop or individual lessons. Her method helps you relax and draws you out to use your own creativity. Everything is well organized to meet your needs. Her book with the CD gives you the assistance you need to vocalize and practice on your own. Makes it fun ,not a chore. Workshops or private lessons is a must if you want to improve your singing ability... Joanie J.

  • 5/5 stars October 28, 2014 - Karen is an incredible vocal coach. If you want to increase your performance level, she can take you far beyond what you thought was even possible... Shantih H.

  • 5/5 stars October 27, 2014 - Karen has been my vocal coach and mentor for the past 9 years. Her broad experience with performance, publishing and teaching has helped me tremendously in both my singing and song-writing. The best part about Karen's teaching style is that she is able to quickly identify and adapt to the level and area of focus for each individual student. She custom builds lessons, versus working off a template. I highly recommend her services... Bridget E.

  • 5/5 stars October 26, 2014 - I was the record producer and songwriter known for the worst singing voice in the music biz. Karen listened, watched, taught and straightened me out. I'm actually singing now and dogs aren't howling with me anymore. She's also acts as a life therapist and is much more reasonably priced. Can't recommend her enough...Rick H.

  • 5/5 stars October 26, 2014 - Karen is a wonderful teacher. She is so knowledgeable and talented. She can explain music in a way that one can learn theory easily. She can help with keys and making songs sound fresh and new. I am recommending her as a great music teacher... Cheryl S.


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