Choose Success!

I can’t tell you how often I have seen singers sabotage themselves with bad choices.

 The success of any performance or audition is determined by the Three A’s.


1.)    Appropriate Material Selection (Make sure the song serves you)

Vocal Range: Is the tessitura easily and comfortably within your range?

Character Choices: Are you singing a sad song? Happy? Angry? To whom are you singing?

Shows Your Strengths: Do you have a big dynamic, or emotional range? If so…  Let us see them!!


2.)    Adequate Preparation (Make sure you serve the song)

            Know the song & the lyrics: Learn the tune!

            Understand what you are singing: What are the lyrics saying?

            Use your acting skills effectively: Be “In the moment” and tell the story.


3.)    Attitude

            Have a great attitude: Whatever you are feeling will be transmitted to the                                                                            audience.

            Respect yourself and your audience: Always do your best!


These are all choices you make. Assuming that you are able to sing in tune and sing in time,( if not… all bets are off…) all of these things are entirely in your control.  Examine your choices carefully and CHOOSE SUCCESS!

 Sing Mindfully!

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