The Salons 

What is a Salon??

..... .. A number of folks replied to my newsletter to ask me what a "Salon" was.( Would I be cutting hair? No... but it's a hilarious idea as an add-on.) So, just for fun, here is the definition of " Salon" from The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language - Fourth Edition :


NOUN: 1. A large room, such as a drawing room, used for receiving and entertaining guests. 2. A periodic gathering of people of social or intellectual distinction. 3. A hall or gallery for the exhibition of works of art.

ETYMOLOGY: French, from Italian salone, augmentative of sala, hall, of Germanic origin.

So my friends, since I consider YOU to be people of social and intellectual distinction (proven by your support for jazz!) I am throwing a soiree here at our place which will include live music and and exhibition of visual arts.

This is an opportunity for you to enjoy and interact with creative artists in an intimate and comfortable environment. We will encourage questions and dialogue, so it will be a great chance for you to listen to, see, and discuss their work with them

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