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 Catch The Wind  ~  Funkallero  ~ We Will Meet Again  

Dawn Preludes (Time Remembered)  

The lyrics here were approved by the Bill Evans estate and are published by TRO.(Copyright 2000) They are recorded on my Remembering Bill Evan's CD. Tierney Sutton also recorded We Will Meet Again and Rosanne Vitro recorded Funkallero.

Catch The Wind      Music : Bill Evans   Lyric: Karen Gallinger

I'm alone here in the dark______ yet feel you near
You still live on in my heart ___ A part of me
I've often wondered what might have been
But then I sense that you're here _____ you're always near

Loss becomes a constant friend ___ The years go by
Tho' your voice is still your song will never die
I hear it in the wind that whispers
Feel it in the rain remembered
Your bells are silent now but I believe
You'd be with us if you could catch the wind

Coda:  The stars are out now, but I still believe
         You'd be with us if you could catch the wind


Funkallero  Music: Bill Evans  Lyric: Karen Gallinger

Been Lookin' for a word to say
How I feel about today
You see everything is cold and gray
Nothing Seemin' to go my way
This is such a funky attitude
And I'm really in a * terrible mood
Excuse me if I'm being rude
I'm just feeling funkallero ...
(Know what I mean?)

When a word just doesn't fit
I crawl down inside of it
I Stretch it out a little bit
Call on my prodigious wit
And Tho' it makes some folks see red
I just do it here inside of my head
Think that I'll go back to bed
You see I'm feeling funkallero...
Know what I mean?
* Alt: an execrable  =  A very Dark


DAWN PRELUDES (org: Time Remembered )  Music : Bill Evans   Lyric: Karen Gallinger

I feel the sun begin to rise
Hearing you sigh as you sleep here
In my arms, feeling your heart beat
The flutter of a bird, it sings to me of our new love.
I watch you sleeping here, and gently touch your face.
I kiss your lips and draw you near
A prelude to our loving.

Dawn ______
The sun proclaims the coming day.
A secret smile as I watch you
Shadows and daylight vying
To touch your velvet skin. I gently reach to waken you
Your golden flesh is warm, your sleepy eyes meet mine.
We laugh out loud and greet the day
A prelude to our living.

Dawn ________
My heart envies the light (sun) it's touch.
Daring not to reach my own hand
My fear of waking you bearing witness to the
Distance, sadly, now between us.
I memorize your face, the last dawn we will share.
This time will be remembered as
A prelude to your leaving


We Will Meet Again   Music : Bill Evans   Lyric: Karen Gallinger

When we were children you fought my battles
Taught me patience, gave me courage
Life was good then, you were with me
Nothing could hurt us... we had each other

Somehow I thought you would always be here
Sharing my fears, drying my tears
Laughing with me, in the darkness
Now I'm alone ... I must be strong ( Alt: Now I'm the one ... who must be strong)

Sometimes at night if I listen closely
I can hear you, whisper softly
You are with me, now and always
You found peace now... you are free now
So I will go on for I believe that we will meet again.


 …Blues Lyrics


  Berlin, Again and Again      Music & Lyrics: Karen Gallinger _ 7/2008

I’ve found myself a city
Thatï’s become my second home.
I always come to visit when I feel the urge to roam
I mean
Chorus:   Berlin
               Talking about Berlin
              The city that draws mw back
              Again and again__ Berlin

Itï’s a beautiful old city
With rivers and lakes and trees
And if you love museums there’s as many as you please
Here in ..
The people are so friendly
There are so many things to do
There’s history and music,
Oh and beer and bratwurst, too
The Pergammon and Tachles
The Bandenburger Tor
The Wansee, Spree and the Englischer Garten
You never will get bored ... Not in
There’s every kind of art here
I feel like I belong
With Wolvereit in charge of things you never will go wrong
I love the gigs I play here
And Hansey is the best
The crew and musicians at Badenscher Hof are a step above the rest
I’ve come to love my friends here
Just like my family
So every year when I come back I’m as happy as can be
To be in

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