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  "Gallinger gathers you into her head as well as her soul." -Bill Kohlhaase (OC Weekly)

Karen Gallinger - Vocals
Tom Zink - Keyboards
Charlie Ewing -  Bass 
Chris Wabich – Drums

Song Selections

  1. Every Day I Have The Blues 
  2. Peel Me A Grape 
  3. Born Under A Bad Sign 
  4. It Ain't The Meat (It's the Motion)
  5. Who Is She (And What Is She To You) 
  6. If I Can't Sell It 
  7. Can't Take You Nowhere 
  8. Crossroads  
  9. Doodlin' 
  10. Wang Dang Doodle 

Kinda B


The Band L-R :

Chris Wabich ( Drums), Tom Zink ( Keys)  
Karen Gallinger (Vox)  Charlie Ewing( Bass)


Those of you who are familiar with Ms. Gallinger's (gal -in-jur)vocal tribute to Bill Evans in 2000 may recognize the title of her new release as a side ways reference to the landmark 1959 Miles Davis/Bill Evans recording Kind of Blue. Just kidding though,because this project is a 180 degree departure from her Evanstribute. It is in fact, kinda blues, kinda jazz, and kinda rock. Amelting pot of many of the influences that helped form Ms. Gallinger's artistic sensibilities.

This live recording features Gallinger doing what she does best:entertaining a crowd. The show starts off with an energetic blues shuffle. Followed by a sensual rendition of Peel Me A Grape.Born Under A Bad Sign, one of the great hard luck anthems, is admirably countered by a swinging version of  It Ain't The Meat, It's The Motion, while a bass ostinato sets the groove on the Bill Withers song Who Is She.

Gallinger's Storytelling abilities take us through the hilarious If I Can't Sell It ( I'm Gonna Sit Down On It). Things pick up as she expounds further with I Can't Take You Nowhere. An understated Crossroadsfeatures Wabich playing the snare drums with his handsas the sound textures are layered to great effect. Doodlin' is an easy4/4 swing, and the set ends pitchin'  a Wang Dang Doodle

Gallinger's career runs the gamut from guitar playing folksinger in the 70' to pop rock diva in the 80's,toss in a little Puccini and a bit of Cole Porter and you have an extremely diverse musical palette. Attracted by the challenge and expressive depth of jazz, she developed a style that draws on all of these elements, and when combined with her rich contralto voice it gives her a signature soundand approach that are unmistakable.

This latest offering is a glimpse at yet another side of this creative artist who, according to Bill Kohlhaase (O.C. Weekly)"...gathers you into her head as well as her soul." Funny, angry, broken hearted, or hopeful, music has a story to tell, and Gallinger is a gifted storyteller. One part triumph, two parts heartbreak - shaken, not stirred.

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