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Over the years I have developed a number of workshops and clinics for both performers and educators. Here is a sampling of topics.Most of the classes include handouts of work related materials. I am also happy to create a class to suite your needs.

The formats include individual one day workshops; clinics followed by my concert, or extended workshops followed by a student concert.

Bill EvansAs an educational complement to my Remembering Bill Evans show I also have an optional interactive "Remembering" workshop available to academic venues that seek to bring the Bill Evans story to life for jazz students of all ages.

The 12 Bar Blues as a Teaching Tool 

Designed to help educators organize their approach to teaching jazz singing. It covers the basics of time, form, scatting and transposition using this simple form, which can then be expanded upon as the music becomes more challenging.

Improvisation and Scat Singing

For beginners to advanced performers. We explore using melody and rhythm in developing solo ideas, as well as creating improvised pieces from scratch using listening and response. 


Using sound and airspace, as well as creative melodic and rhythmic ideas within a phrase.

Delivering A Lyric Effectively

Finding the feeling and intention of a song, not merely singing the notes and syllables that comprise the melody.

Musicianship and Performance Skills for Singers
The nuts and bolts of being a singer, from basic theory to counting the band in.

The Book
All singers need a book with their tunes in their keys. How to build and organize it.

How to Listen to Jazz: For Non-Musicians
Demystifies the experience of listening for people who find jazz confusing or overwhelming.

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