Over the years I've been blessed to have  people be moved enough by my work to create something in their own medium. What a gift, I am very  grateful! I'd like to share a few of them with you :  

Portrait Tucker

                            Portrait by
    Roberta Tucker ( painted from a B&W promo picture)





      by the Reverend Bill Peterson 
     from his 2003 book “Jazz For The Human Spirit” (included in the liner notes of Kinda Blues)

The people show your singing in their faces,
Eyes recognizing memory pierced by range
and note
and word
and image,
Subtle smiles of feeling found within.
Even the white people move shoulder and hip with the scat riffs,
Almost affirmating beyond who they think they are
Your subversive style flushes out the soul of their deep humanness,
Like when you sing about love that goes bad and then gets
really good again,
and what it costs to love,
and what it takes to love,
and how it is to love,
and what can come from loving.
A rainbow coloring the atmosphere between lonely listening souls,
Touching through the downpour of troubles that life can be,
Knowing that someone else knows, too
Because the songs say so
So testify, sister!
Remind them!
Call them!
Bless them!
With the gift of a lady
Singing Jazz.
O Yeah  

Meler Portrail


Portrait by

       Michael J. Meler  (Colored Pencil on Black Paper)

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