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  • O.C. Register  
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O.C. Register   June 15, 1998   ----Steve Eddy :  She can scat with the best on a jump tune, then elicit tears with a torch song. If you look up "Sultry" in the dictionary, you very well could find a picture of Gallinger. For proof look no further than her new CD, "My Foolish Heart" or her previous effort, "Live At The Jazz Bakery" Both deserve a spot on your shelf - right alongside the work of the biggies."

 L.A. Times (OC Edition) June 11, 1998 :  "Gallinger has emerged from the trial-by-fire of bar gigs to become a jazz artist of ever blossoming depth, passion and sensitivity. She's been described as having "enough spirit and spark for two singers" ...the energy of Etta James with her own sassy style"

LA Weekly : "A voice of extraordinary range and quality ... Simply fun and irresitable"

L.A. Jazz Scene: "She's got it all ... voice, harmony,rhythm, timing, phrasing, projection, but ... most of all.... soul. She sings in a bold, yet sensuous style. "An  original issue, in both personality and singing"

  O.C. Register : " Few jazz singers around can match her stylish and sultry singing"

----Stix Hooper :  " An Artist of intense depth and talent." 


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