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Karen Gallinger and Prince Robinson
Composer: Dave Frishberg


P&K_1   Back in 1999 I was playing with the late Prince Robinson. We were considering doing a duo album, so one day we went into the studio to try out some songs for the project.  The project never happened and we both ended up going our separate ways.  He moved to Germany and I did the Bill Evans project. Recently my beloved drummer. Chris Wabich, found the tracks ( he had recorded them) and suggested I give them a listen.

First, I want to thank Chris Wabich. Extraordinary drummer, Friend, and awesome engineer for saving these babies and  giving them a bit of a mix. I specifically ask him not to "fix" anything. Just a bit of balance. He very kindly, and against his better instincts, did just that. It was bitter sweet for me to hear them after all these years, and although they are not really up to snuff to be released as an album, I decided to release them  here... warts and all.

For those of you who knew Prince as a progressive rock player, this is a musical voice you may not have heard often from him. For those that don't know him; even tho he has passed, he has music available and I  suggest you check him out on You Tube. He also has a Face Book page.

This is the first in a series of songs I am releasing to download for free. Most likely one every week or two for a couple of months. This first song is one of my favorite tunes - Listen Here, by Dave Frishberg. It speaks about the inner voice so many of us ignore. I hope you enjoy it.



When you're still do you hear

Once small voice, crystal clear

Saying "Listen Here my friend, Listen Here"

Well that voice is your own, and it speaks to you alone

"You can count on me it says, so Listen Here


This is you, this is real

This is truly the way you feel

You can run, you can hide

Oh but sometime, someplace

We each of us winds up face to face

With that little voice inside.


So you hope and you yearn

And you live and sometimes learn

From that little voice that whispers in your ear

And we each hear the call, for it's calling to us all

"Follow me" it says, "Never Fear"

Listen Here old friend, Listen Here Dummy. Listen Here